Norton ConnectSafe Privacy Notice

As a world leader in Internet security technology, Symantec is committed to respecting the privacy of your personal information. Symantec Corporation is located in the United States.

  • Norton ConnectSafe Overview

    Norton ConnectSafe translates a domain name (such as into a numerical IP address associated with a website or machine on the network. This allows a user to use the domain name (which typically does not change) instead of a numerical address (which can change) in accessing websites and content on the Internet.

  • Information that we collect about you

    When you configure your router or your computer in order to use Norton ConnectSafe service, we do not require you to create an account or to provide any information about yourself. In the normal operation of Norton ConnectSafe, our servers will see your IP address, the type of web browser used, the domain requested, the time it was requested, the result, and whether the domain existed or not. No other information is collected and there is no correlation between IP address and other personally identifiable information.

    Other information beyond basic DNS information may be collected from the search engine. To provide Norton ConnectSafe, we partner with Like other search engines, uses cookies set to your computer or browser to remember your preference settings. For more information on the data collects, see the privacy policy.

  • What we do with the information

    Symantec processes the information exclusively for the purpose of providing users with the ability to view websites and to verify whether a requested domain exists.

    Symantec may use aggregated information from time to time to provide usage statistics, trending information, and to publically report security problems. This information can be (but is not limited to) basic DNS information (requestor's IP addresses with the last octet stripped off, requested domains, date/time stamps, etc.).

    Any information may be transferred to the Symantec group in the United States or other countries that may have less protective data protection laws than the region in which you are situated (including the European Union). Symantec has taken steps so that the information, if transferred, receives an adequate level of protection.

    The processing of the information above is necessary and Norton ConnectSafe cannot operate without it.

  • How long we keep the information

    The information is typically purged within two (2) days.

  • How to contact us

    For any questions related to your information and to your privacy you can contact

  • Other Information

    Symantec respects your concerns about privacy and values its relationship with you. Symantec has a comprehensive privacy policy that explains Symantec overall approach to privacy. Please read through Symantec's privacy policy at